For my “invisible” friend…

Oh, if you could have seen my face

when I read the words on that page

Such an expression of disbelief!

How could a woman with a light so bright–

how could she ever feel unseen?

Scratching my temples and trying so hard

to break it down–to contemplate

a world in which a soul as shiny-beautiful as yours

could ever slip through the proverbial cracks…

How could a whole day go by

with you out and about in it

without you having seen at least one

head that you have turned?

Surely you need constant shade

to block the incessant glare,

to shield you from the stares…

surely you’re (at least a little bit) aware?

Maybe it will just take some time

to really see yourself again.

Maybe it’s just around the next few bends,

a few more bumps on this windy road

for you to really-really see:

a light as bright as yours is simply

incapable of invisibility.

leah ruthe chatterjee


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