🎶Who am I anyway? Am I my résumé?🎶

I am an artist, poet, freelance writer/proofreader, advocate, blogger, and soon-to-be community health worker residing in the beautiful high desert of Central Oregon.

I spent most of my teenage years and twenties battling severe depression. Thanks to a supportive family, and the privilege to have access to proper care, I survived, and am now thriving. My struggles with both depression and serious physical illness opened my eyes to the reality of stigmas, our broken health care system, and the importance of advocacy for social justice in all areas. I am looking forward to using my certification as a CHW to help others navigate the system and get the help they need. (Check out my support blog for fistula sufferers http://fistulasurvivalguide.com)

This blog is really just a place to put my poetry, prose, and thoughts. My hope is that my experiences and feelings expressed through written word might reach a few people. 

You are not alone.


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