The whole sordid affair

I remember me that day, awkward on the bleachers, full of hope and fear and rage.

I remember you, crisp and fresh, shiny and new, the squeak of sneakers, And so set was the stage.

Act I

Lunches outside, laughing so hard that I peed almost every day.

Bleeding, writing letters, feeling something wicked come this way.

Mess of hormones, pheromones, microphones, actual angst ridden moans…

My oddness settled just as I had always feared,

I was swallowed by darkness, and you disappeared…

Act II

Nope, no college for you or me, we somehow got our anchors stuck,

Lots of cigarettes, coffee shops, and cliched not giving a fuck…

Graveyards in Georgetown and sips of bad whiskey in the Fall.

You breezed in and out, I hardly remember you at all…


Saturn return looming near, I was spinning, reckless, lost and found

And I saw you in the winter, felt my feet touch the ground.

Then came the Spring when the veil was so thin you could poke a hole,

But not thin enough to reach in and take back what they stole…

Brought together in pain, we were sure our ties were solid and true…

I didn’t know then all the damage you’d do…

Act IV

Well the years went by, you crushed me two times, left me on ledges.

But I unfolded myself, and smoothed out my own edges.

I always thought that your trauma outweighed my pain,

Yet I unlearned that lesson again and again and again…

The past year with you was like trying to jog through tar,

Turns out to Andromeda and back isn’t really that far.

Love, Leah R Chatterjee

39 Years

leahonarockIt took me till I was almost thirty-nine to realize
That these are
Man crushing
Lady loving
They hugging
That we were strong, if a bit full of ourselves
That we kept some good books on these dusty old shelves
And it took me 39 years to see the perfection in your face
The lines of laughter, of worry, of your journey through time and space
The mystical wonder that hides beneath your eyelids and in the folds of your skin
The way your eyeballs see through me, and at the same time deep within
It took close to 39 years to learn what my soul really needs
A quiet existence just beneath the layer of storms and WiFi feeds
And when I look back and review
looking at all of the things we would do
Just to survive and keep going along
Just to give us a break from these sad-sad songs
I feel proud of who we were and who we are now
We made it through the shitstorm, and I’ll never know how
It took me just shy of 39 years
To release those tears
To vanquish those fears
To find comfort in the face of goodbyes
To find solace when I catch your eyes
To read the cards and the stars at the perfect time on the perfect day
To find exactly the words that I hope you’ll see, that I needed to say.
💕leah r. chatterjee

📸 Photo credit: IG: @leslie.l.angel; me in Idaho, summer of 2005

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Venus Retrograde In Scorpio: Diving Deep to Create Balance

Venus retrograde for spoonies 💕

Astrology Musings for Spoonies

Details: Venus entered the pre-shadow phase September 3rd 2018 at 25º Libra***Venus stations retrograde October 5th, 2018 12:05pm (PST) at 10º Scorpio***Venus enters Libra October 31st, 2018 12:42pm (PST)***Venus stations direct November 16th, 2018 2:51am (PST) at 25º Libra***Venus leaves the post-shadow period December 17th 2018 7:28pm (PST) at 10º Scorpio 

Meet Venusshe’s bold, she’s beautiful, she knows what she likes and what she wants, and sister planet is intense when she pairs up with Scorpio. Venus is more than just romance and beauty, she influences all of our relationships, our finances, our creativity and appreciation for art. She teaches us something about how we feel about our partnerships, desires, and needs. She wants us to learn how to be compassionate with ourselves, and the importance of learning how to receive without guilt. We only experience Venus retrograde every 12-14 months, so let’s dooooo this!8B51B2C8-355F-4334-B289-CDA97B2B648EWith Venus retrograde starting

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Out of the shadows and into Autumn

Started a new astrology blog 💕

Astrology Musings for Spoonies

Phew! We made it out of a summer of intense eclipses and soooo many retrograde planets! Leaving the shadow of Mars retrograde feels like a good time to start this project.snailhi

Hi! I’m Leah, and I have been interested in astrology since middle school, when I discovered the daily astrology nuggets by Holiday Mathis in the Washington Post. I think that was when I was really beginning to struggle with depression, and for some reason those two or three sentences would be my little morning moment of hope. I don’t know that I actually believed in any of it until I was in my early twenties and started learning there was way more to astrology than a sun sign. I came to find astrology a fascinating way of gaining some understanding of my human experience. I don’t know why it took me so long to accept that I am passionate…

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Empty Bucket 

Today I don’t even feel like I 

Am even a drop in the bucket, 

no I…

am more of what’s left behind 

Some residue and reflection on a beat up YIELD sign

All of the hatred washes over us like some desert-dry heat 

Tiptoeing on baking tar, 

we cannot even smell the burning of our own feet 

We, the nameless generation of exhausted phoenixes who… 

can combust no more

We, who were once the formiddable waves tumbling onto life’s shore

Reduced to drops in a leaky bucket

Worn down to a lazy middle finger, and a “fuck it”

On planet made of mostly water, we’ve found our way to dehydration 

Separated ourselves with fences and nations

And all that’s left of me now is the faintest resignation,

Some signs on a park bench of evaporation.

❤ Leah Ruthe