Just in case

I realize now

that some stains are too deep

to ever be rinsed completely clean

that there are pathways

on the palms of my hands

that I may never understand

There are words that I have spoken

that can never be unsaid

lines that I have written

that cannot be unread.

Episodes of deep turbulence

have followed me across several seas

and my throat is forever sore

from silent, screamed apologies.

From India to the Wind River Mountains

I have left trails of  manic tears

and finally I settled in a reflective nest

of my thirty-something years.

Just in case the scratches on my slate

have crept in a little too deep

to ever really be wiped clean

In case the ghosts decide to haunt me

until my dying days

and my mind has been damaged

in just too many ways…

Just in case you ever wonder where

the world is keeping me these days

Look back on something that Plato used to say

We are all as moldable as clay

and capable of change.

Should the stains have sunken in too deep

to ever really be washed clean

they are only just reminders

of a shape I used to be.

Leah R. Chatterjee


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