Sequential Dream: Chapter 2

The Muses of the Cosmos

The second dream I find myself in the same conference room. The conversation has become more heated, more tense, more urgency in the tones. Again I followed the conversation by reading the numbers streaming in a hologram above the oval table.

This time it seemed there was a major disagreement over the next steps to be taken to deal with the “Earth Problem.” There was quite a lot of support for wiping humans out, and starting over. Again, the conversation turned to Mars, and once more this idea was tossed out.

Something new that was revealed this time was why earth humans were such an important part of their cosmic story. There were two factors. The first was the overall problem they were facing: the multiverse was expanding too quickly, and at some point this would wreak havoc on all of the dimensions in each universe. I didn’t understand a lot of the science being talked about, but basically the fear was that the fabric of time and space and everything that holds our worlds and matter together would be ripped apart. Earth humans factored in because we alone have the gift of artistic creativity, the gift of the “muse,” as they kept calling it. Our creativity would help lead to the solution of preventing this ripping apart of our dimensions.

I remember feeling this was really interesting, especially since I have been feeling awfully down on humans lately. It was nice to hear that there was something special about us, that we are needed in the universe.

Towards the end of this meeting, the conclusion seemed to be that they would send in a large number of “helpers,” and their task would be to help accelerate our social evolution, and bring about peace and advanced ethics. A big part of their mission would be to advance climate change, and “take care of those resisting evolution.”

So that’s where we leave off for now….

–Leah R. Chatterjee


5 thoughts on “Sequential Dream: Chapter 2

      1. And of course:

        “The revolution will not be televised.” -Gil Scott-Heron

        😉 😀

        Thank you Leah R. Chatterjee for sharing your second dream, interesting stuff, it somewhat makes me wonder if some of it could be true. 👽

        -John Jr

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