Sequential Dream: Chapter 1

My friend convinced me to chronicle the sequential alien dreams I’ve been having lately. Blog dream journal takeover! Hope you’re as entertained as I am! –Leah R. Chatterjee

Meeting Etnu

I remember opening my eyes to find I had fallen asleep on the ground in some sort of desert. I looked up into very large, golden eyes, with more pupil than iris.

“My name is Etnu. I’ll be with you from now on in all of your endeavors. I’m here now to take you to the conference,” said this very lanky, tall creature. I can’t say what sort of creature, but very humanlike.

Etnu was very long, androgynous, and their energy felt like home. I don’t know how else to describe it, but this person felt like family. So, without asking any questions, I took Etnu’s hand, and was suddenly hurled into some sort of tunnel. My ear pressure went berserk, and I remember pressing my free hand firmly against my right ear in an attempt to ease the aching. How exactly we exited this tunnel I cannot really recall, I just remember suddenly feeling a lurch in my stomach, and a large, circular room materializing around me.

“You are only invited to listen and observe, you understand? No talking,” Etnu said in a very matter-of-fact sort of manner. I nodded in reply.

Looking around the room, it appeared to be some kind of fancy conference room. There was an oval-shaped table surrounded by about 30 or so beings. Each one had a unique sort of outfit, but they all had similar features–hairless, androgynous, long. Hovering about six feet above the table was a hologram that was spouting a series of seemingly random numbers, but I soon realized this was some sort of translator. As quickly as I realized this, I suddenly began to understand what was being said by reading the numbers.

I seemed to be a fly on the wall of a very heated discussion. The topic seemed to be what to do about the “humans on Earth.” From what I gathered, humans were very important to their cosmic path, but there was a problem. Humans had broken tradition, and their technology was evolving faster than they were socially evolving. The problem with this was clearly that we had not resolved our petty issues (religion, politics, climate, etc), and were on a path of self destruction. It seemed to be of great concern to everyone present at this strange meeting that we would figure out space travel before we had learned to be a peaceful species. This would basically seriously fuck up all of their plans, especially if we figured out how to use black holes properly (!!!!! more on this later !!!!!).

There seemed to be an alarming amount of support for the annihilation of humans. “Start again from scratch,” said one particularly irritated being, “Remember Mars? It worked with Mars.”

“Yes, but we wasted an entire planet, don’t forget that!” Another asserted in a reasonable tone.

There was a lot of bickering about this point. Did they have time to wait for an entire evolution of species again? No. It didn’t seem they did. Just as I was really getting interested and feeling my way through the discussion, Etnu took my hand again, squeezed it as if to say, “time to go.” And the room faded away, and I opened my eyes to the spare bedroom in my parents’ house, where I had fallen asleep four hours earlier. I felt as though I had just been on a journey miles long, and my skin felt like one giant bruise. I was awake.


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