If Wishes Were Horses…

Something familiar slides back in
between the cracks
and the spaces intentionally left behind

from the Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Someone I knew in lifetimes before

an old friend from far off fictional lands

Quests that left our muscles and spirits sore
Suddenly reappears after centuries or more
The floodgates of my imagination–
I feel a key in the lock begin to turn
A fire that’s kept all of my visions simmering,
grows and threatens to burn all of our altars down
My eyes glow in the reflection of the house I used to live in, now ablaze
My words come out in colors and shapes instead of sounds
My shouts emerge as sharp whispers
My demands remain unmet,
yet I surprise myself as I nestle into contentment
My fists unfold into open palms that reveal new lines, lines of love and life that were not there yesterday…
Just as mysterious as my migrating birthmark that began our journey under my right ribcage, and now resides on my left…
Sometimes I lie flat on the floor, and I open the ceiling with my mind
I let my heart chakra paint the whole world green because I’m really exhausted with red.
If you ever caused earthquakes when your heart breaks, you’ll know what I mean…
Maybe you don’t, and all of this makes you roll your eyes
Causes you to release exasperated sighs
It doesn’t matter if what is true for me isn’t true for you
When my soul gets restless and sends my heart back out to wander
I could still make my way to you
And I could tell you about the Moon hovering over the Two of Cups
How the mystery is all I ever cared about
Is all that truly captures me…
I live for slipping behind the veil,
I long to linger in the many shades of grey,
where nothing is split into pinks and blues
Where the lines that exist, someone unqualified drew
And I dream for days and days of cosmic escape
Where I return to outer space
Reunite with all of the stars
Stars that died long before their beams ever reached my irises…
But I always wake up buried
in blankets and earthly kisses
And because I love you and you love me
You place a hand on my heart,
mutter something about horses and wishes
And the sentiment is sweet enough to carry me
All the way to my next sleep.

Leah R. Chatterjee


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