Thank you

I can’t sleep, so I made this thank you card for those two Swedish cyclists who stopped a rapist from getting away with a heinous crime. With all of the ugliness surrounding this case, it truly moved me that the victim said she kept a drawing she made of two bicycles over her bed to remind her that there is some good in the world, that in the face of such ugliness, two men did not stand idly by. They did the right thing. I decided to make my own thank you to them, to keep near my bed. Because my rapist still walks free. Because I wish every woman in danger had humans like these to do the right thing by them. Because I need to remember that good exists in this world amid the horror. Find the helpers.

That is how you do feminism as a man. That is how you are a good ally. Thank you.


Leah R Chatterjee 


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