Three Hearts


drawing , watercolor i made inspired by my friend, Renée
When I finally let go of every part of you, every care

I felt the winds of possibility run wild through my hair

My heart pushed over a decade of loving you through my tear ducts and into the dirt 

My pen hit the paper so easily, my paint mixed with the water and diluted the hurt

So, when your words flew at me like knives through the screen, I was unprepared

The truth shone through, beady like your eyes, you are just mean and scared

Your words knocked the breath out of me, I fell to the ground, and just stayed there

Some sweet Spring smells drifted in, sparked in my heart a bright warning flare

Which was met by my sisters, who gathered their magic, and sent it across the seas 

Their loving reminders carried me out of your darkness, lifted me up off of my knees

I learned nothing from you, but they taught me something that set me free

When my heart is broken, I always have all the backup hearts that I’ll ever need.


Leah R Chatterjee 


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