No Mind

I find myself wandering through,Going over the same scar tissue

I let my fingers roam through my now purple hair

And ask my innermost self why I keep going there

Why do I keep walking barefoot, over the same scraping stories, down the same sharp road

When I don’t really want to go through that door; Why am I still trying to crack that code?

The answer I found was soft and kind

I heard my brother’s voice echoing, “No Mind.”

And suddenly my heart center opens and I feel a pull from above

And in this moment you are easy to let go of

I can feel the support from the lava under the ground, moving all the way up to my pineal gland

And somehow I remember how ancient I am, and my breath returns, I remember how to stand 

The fighting and heartache seems trivial now

My connection to you is weakened somehow

The deeper I meditate, the further I stray 

And my thoughts of you just fade away

I am never alone, and that fills me with warmth

Think I’ll spend tonight basking in the glow of my heart.

Leah R Chatterjee 


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