Full Moon Blessing

Snow Moon Wishes  
I wish for love, a partner, a kindred spirit, soulmate

I wish to release resentment and repel all hate

I long for freedom to express my truest self

I long to face the fears I still have sitting on the shelf

I wish for strength of heart and soul

And for friendships that make me whole 

I wish to see, feel, and be love in every area of life

I wish to heal the bruises, and recover from the strife

I let go of anger, sadness, lasting grief

And welcome warmth, gratitude, and deep relief

I ask for everything to unfold as it should

I ask for my wishes to come to light in the highest form of good

Thank you for the water, the fire, earth, and air

Thank you for the magic blossoming everywhere

Leah R Chatterjee 


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