Wallflower Wincing 


drawing by Leah R Chatterjee
I found you like a flower fallen from the vine, but still clinging to the wall

Your aura a shrinking violet glow, your voice a somber, haunting call

I found you on the edge of the night becoming dawn, in between the pages of a chapter we keep meaning to remove

You still dangle yourself in the spaces where your thoughts can dwell on all that you still feel you have to prove

I came crashing into you like an well-intentioned, smothering, wave the tides had flung

I drowned your sorrows in well wishes, warmth, but I forgot to free your lungs

Like the wildest flower, you were never meant for me to pluck from solid ground

We floated, but when you wilted, I tried to put you back where you were found

Back on your wall, desperately seeking a path back to the vine

Releasing me, and finally finding your cosmic lifeline

Though society may warn you not to be the shy flower on the wall

You’d do well to remember that violets are the strongest of them all.

Leah R. Chatterjee


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