January Walking

I navigate forward cautiously
As if descending a creaky staircase
That is missing a handrail
Stubbornly stumbling through
Hands reached out as feelers
Every now and then I flail
At times wandering wistfully
Through spiderwebs and mossy trees
And past markers on the trail
Other times running madly on
Over rocks in the river and
Under bridges old and frail
I am walking in some magical land
Where Gravity is a little kinder
And the winter a little less pale
I am treading through my dreams
Very widely awake
Disbelieving my own tale
Covering trails with my footprints
Often getting mud up to my knees
Blinking back the light
Climbing over fallen trees
And under burnt ponderosa pines
Soon a billion stars light up the night
I’m making my way through January
Slowly, purposefully, politely
Saying I won’t when really I might
And the winter bites our noses
But the snow on top of the mountains
Is keeping things quite bright.

Leah R Chatterjee


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