Waterfalls and Wildflowers

How will I remember this time?
Snow and ice and trudging through it
Mountains around every turn
Sunsets over foggy, unlit streets
Waking up to that feeling
Of loving where you live
And knowing so much lies ahead
Plotting sunny summer days
Visions of waterfalls and wildflowers
Sleeping more than usual
Ready for love in a sane sort of way
Longing for longer days
Head down ducking through
The frozen air that cuts your throat
Walking to the local bar
To watch other people drink
Though it is cold outside,
I am simmering
On fire from the inside
Poetry from underneath blankets
Whispers to myself of a hungrier time
Wrapping myself up in my own two arms
Keeping far away from all harm
Sparks fly from my fingertips
And light spills in from the window
We are ready for sunnier frolicking days
Waterfalls and wildflowers
Color my imagination
And I see them between the frost and snowflakes.

Leah R Chatterjee



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