Untitled (another love dream)

I was so casual
Cooler than waking life
Guitar slung over my sloping shoulder
Eyes smokier than usual
Still very much my woman self
But feeling like a Ladies’ Man
Tapping a harmonica against my thigh
Suddenly she arrived
Deep chestnut hair
Pomegranate lips curving
Into the most beautiful frown
Eyes telling life stories
Her indigo aura tugging me closer
In this moment I cannot imagine
Any one person or thing
That could capture my entire mind
The way it is entranced right now
And just as I embrace her
With my arms, my legs, my mouth, my everything
Just as four hands begin their aching wandering
Just before I surrender my soul, my love, my every-single-thing
The sun makes its way through the pine trees
Finding my closed eyelids
And I am awake
Desperately attempting
To sink my way back in
To feel her hands in my hair
To remember what I imagine
Falling in love must feel like…
But I am awake,
More confused than my teenage years
Fighting back befuddled tears
Wondering why I ever bothered before
Because what I felt inside that dream
Was love, and heat, and so much more.

Leah R. Chatterjee



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