Home Again

It’s funny what makes a place home
My cat curled up on the windowsill
Magnets on the fridge
Plates that we used when I was a child
Knowing where to get burritos after midnight

Even with boxes unpacked
I knew this place was my home
Before I ever got here
I felt the mountains calling me
I heard the pines whispering
And I knew I had to come

Funny what makes a place feel like home
Knowing my favorite river
Finding smooth rocks in the woods
The short walk to my parents’ house
My clutter of crystals and candles
Colored pencils and paint
Messes that come when I create

I knew this place was home
Before I understood it
Before finding bosom friends
Before walking my dog down its streets
Before seeing the waterfalls
I felt it pulling me
And I let it pull me home.

Leah R. Chatterjee


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