Prism Lights

Her smile hits me in the eye

the way light does when it goes through a prism

and is reflected in a mirror.

Little slivers of a rainbow that isn’t quite solid

Her translucence tricks you into thinking

that she isn’t strong enough for this

But she moves through obstacles

like smoke through a screen

And I can feel her walking towards my street

while I push once more on the porch swing

and dangle my feet awkwardly

Even though she is miles away

her words still tickle my ear drums

reminding me to stay sane

for just a little longer

If you ever had a chance to see her

underneath the waning quarter moon,

you’d probably feel the same way

you might try to catch her

and hold her in some gentle way

But she can always escape

even the strongest stranglehold

And it only makes me feel better

knowing nobody could ever stifle,

suffocate, or dowse

the light from her smile

I like the way it hits me in the eye

Like the sun when it hangs low in the sky

I don’t want to stare directly at her

Just a little bit below

where my cheeks still burn a little

from her prism light glow.

leah ruthe chatterjee


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