Chiron on my mind

Ursa Major dipping low and nearer than I’m used to

Polaris burning on and on

the waxing Capricorn moon is hanging high

and I have Chiron on my mind

Slipping into outer space with more ease than I ever have before

My soul feels weightless and is crying out for more:

More love, more light, more sensations, more dimensions

I see ancient ships set sail on far away horizons

I feel the Earth alive and singing loudly just beneath me

I hear voices from other worlds urging me on and on and on

And somewhere stirring in my stomach a healing seed that has been planted

sprouts new spurts of loving light to all the parts of me that hurt

and my chest is filled with bright, golden-yellow light 

and my heart is bursting open and spilling over and over again

I’ve never seen the Big Dipper so close to Earth before

Cassiopeia sparkles it’s “W” shape as if to ask me, “why not?”

I see myself burst into flames for the billionth time

Rebirthing more beautiful than ever before

again, and again, and again…

Healing, always healing, every hurt I ever had

dissipates and rises into the Milky Way above

I used to think that it was cloudy, but it seems so very clear

And Ursa Major scoops me up and pours me out

I see myself covering the entire planet, and soak myself in

I never saw the Big Dipper so close to Earth before

and Polaris burns on and on and on…

Leah R. Chatterjee


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