Moon in Capricorn

Winter lost me
In an uncharacteristic warmth
Set my imagination ablaze
Sent me chasing wild horses again
Through meadows of memories
And pure fiction

All of the lines disappear
So that your face becomes so clear
I can almost see your breath
On the basement window pane
Upon inspection just frost
from the night before

I wake up
and stay wrapped in dreams of you
Till my day is just wasted
On treasured slices of a sweeter time
And I still hold your invisible hand
In public just to get under your skin

Then I hear the present calling
From far away I am ripped from the smoke and mirrors
Hurtled back into today
Staring hard at the patterns in the ceiling tiles
Wrap my mind around here and now
After traveling all of those miles

Winter lost me
In a fiery madness
Reminds me of that time on the Gulf
Where I forgot to be self conscious
Because I was entranced by the frantic tiny clams
Burrowing bravely beneath swirling sand

February is galloping in
Sweeping me up without my permission
But she meets no resistance from me
I will let her carry me
Through the whispers carried on icy air
I close my eyes and I find you there.

Leah R. Chatterjee


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