Full Moon in Cancer

I still catch my heart aching

for just a moment at the sight of you

you and your drive-by’s 

and your sullen stalker eyes

beer-drunk gaze

alcoholic haze

I used to try to squeeze my eyes shut tight

and imagine you as you could be

strong and lean

soft and less mean

an artist in your own way

I try to picture you in the light of day

But the images fill with bright-light-spots

from the other side of my eyelids

Reality breaks through my eyelashes

and the fantasy crumbles and crashes

And we’re back to this

after just one kiss

you’re spreading lies

back to the drive-by’s 

it was just one kiss

but I paid for it

try to go back to the bliss

of my eyes shut tight

try to feel my way blindly through this night

the full moon glaring

my moods are blaring

and I feel the difference in gravity’s pull

and I feel as brilliant as the moon is full

and I am transported to another space and time

where that kiss was just mine

and you were just fine

and there’s more than just angry words

you’re more than just a squawking mockingbird

you are strong and alive

and not fizzling frantically away

drowning your aura in beer and grey

You were wrong–everything you said about me

and you can’t steal the light out from under me

Like a prism I spread it all over the place

and I feel it tonight, reflected back on my face

from the full moon in Cancer

she gives me the answer

I transcend the hurt, I transcend your lie

Hear her whisper to me,

“Now say goodbye.”

Leah R. Chatterjee


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