Bedridden Mystic

Tonight I feel pulled
In a billion directions
Like a carriage with
Horses gone haywire
I feel like jumping into the ocean
Embracing the vast and the unknown
I want to propel myself into the stratosphere
Just to see the view from up there
I feel so strong tonight
I want to take on all of the hate
In the whole human race
Like I could suffocate the anger
that is so misplaced
And recreate a safer space
Where musicians and poets reign
Artists and scientists and psychics and trees
A world absent of hierarchy, classifications, bribes upon bribes
I feel like I could do that tonight
The full moon begins her waning
And I could jump into the ocean right now
Find a way to breathe underwater somehow
I could throw myself into outer space
Just to see my mama Earth’s face
I might curl up into a dream instead
But I could do all those things from my bed
— leah chatterjee


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