What if all you had said was true
and I really was madly in love with you?
Would your harsh words still come out
and would your intelligence crumble down
like some silly creative sound
just jumbled on the ground
Would your syllables still matter
before, during, even after

What if all you had said was true
and the world really did revolve around you
and you really were important and proud
instead of just uneducatedly loud
Would my heart still break in two
just at the mere thought of you?
and would the angels all fall down
every time your lips curved to frown

What if all of your stories came true
and I really was in love with you
and everything you touched was gold
and your beauty was too much to behold
Would the birds come settle down
and perch upon the frozen ground
and would all of the world’s precious gravity
collapse in the wake of your presence’s brevity

I wonder if all that you said was true
what would actually happen to you
Would you finally break in two
and split up all that you do
What if I could hold all of your words in one hand
and smash them into a ball
All of your lies and your misspelling and plans
I could throw against a wall
Would you suddenly disappear
if all that you uttered became so clear
would you have to start from the beginning
to finally see what you haven’t been winning

I wonder what would happen to you
if all of your lies overnight became true…

–leah ruthe


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