Then again…

I sat down on the dew-dampened grass

crossed my legs and stretched out my arms

I called to Shiva, I called to God

I called to my ancestors

A breeze swept over my closed eyes

and suddenly I was swimming

And the ocean swallowed me

calling me back to where I came from

many lifetimes ago

Just some speck of dust from outer space

I felt both vast and small

And looking down from way up there

I saw myself–arms outstretched

a thin white light all around me

And I saw myself, I saw myself

So small and seeking answers

And the ocean suddenly released me

threw me back to me discreetly

When my eyes finally opened

I remembered mostly this:

my heart is filled a special glow

life is precious

and that is all that I

will ever need to know.

Leah R. Chatterjee


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