another fall poem…

every time I realize that the summer is done

that Fall has sprung

I begin to remember the things he said before

the knocking at my door

the surprising tap on my window pane

the eyes and trembling mouth

that drove me insane

(not in a good way)

I think of the time that’s passed along

my weaker moments that made me strong

the thinnest veil was abruptly lifted

and through the soil I sifted

I found this shiny thing of purple and blue

aching like a bruise,  a faded picture of you

well, the ghosts are active tonight

the past sneaks in with the morning light

the embarrassment subsides

and in my mind resides

a brand new clock and a photograph

the ability to…laugh

you know, it’s been a long while

since I could really smile

and some how the painful prick of you

is more or less untrue

all that is left is a book on the floor

filled with words and nothing more

and everything in front of me is filled with love

white light spills down on me from above

And for once I have properly founded

protection with the lyrics sounded

you become a ghost again, faded and dim

less of a person, more of an “oh, him

and it’s fine if you’re unscathed and happy now

I healed myself and recovered somehow

it’s only a sentence in a chapter, buried in the yonder

and everything in front of me is filled with loving wonder

every time the Autumn comes I remember:

it’s not just the leaves whose colors are changing

it’s my view of the past rearranging

every time the air becomes crisp, and I realize that it’s October

my heart grows strong and I can breathe because the worst is over.

leah ruthe



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